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By Amie And Paul
October 9, 2014

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing, relocating, or just getting rid of your current home, it is very important not to make the mistake of hiring the wrong type of listing agent.  A person’s home is often referred to as the “largest purchase anyone will ever make” so when selling home the opposite would be true in that this is likely one of the largest sales you will ever make.  Hiring the right professional to handle the transaction for you is a very important decision. 

Here are some key ‘must haves’ for a Great Listing Agent:

  1. Experience.  How long has the Realtor been in the business and how many sellers have they represented?  In addition make sure they are still actively selling, some agents have been in the business a long time but may not make Real Estate their full time career anymore.
  2. References.  Ask the Realtor you are considering for previous seller references (3 that have sold in the past year).  Call them to see how they felt about the overall experience, the transaction negotiations and the outcome of their sale, and then ask them if they needed to sell again would they rehire this same Realtor.
  3. The Marketing Plan.  Your listing agent IS your marketing agent!  Ask to see links to their current listings, and then check out their marketing verbiage, photos and exposure.  **Tip: before deciding on Realtors to interview Google their names to see their level of internet presence and reviews.
  4. The connection.  When interviewing agents make sure you feel the Realtor you choose has connected with you and has a good understanding of your needs and desires when it comes to selling your home.
  5. Your Realtor’s standings in the Realtor community. (Often over-looked).  How do other Realtors feel about the Realtor you have chosen?  Most MLS systems co-op and so the likelihood of another Realtor showing and selling your home is pretty high.  Therefore it is imperative that your Realtor have good standings with other agents for when the time comes to “co-operate” and get a deal done!  **Tip:  check out their social media pages such as Linked In and Facebook to see their professional relationships in the community.

In using these guidelines in combination with your intuition you should be able to make a great decision when choosing a listing agent to market and sale your property.

Wishing you a great experience with whom you choose,

Amie Bozeman, Atlanta Realtor



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