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By Amie And Paul
October 9, 2014

1. De-clutter!!!  Space, space, and more space are what home buyers want to see.  The more space they see available the larger a home looks.  The seller’s responsibility is to take the clutter away.  For instance, in the kitchen remove all unnecessary items from the counter-tops leaving behind the appearance of open space for food preparation and clear the refrigerator of all magnets.  In the living areas remove any unused coffee tables and put away all remotes, magazines, etc for a neat, polished look.  Another simple idea is in the bathrooms; leave nothing on the vanity area except the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.  All other items can be neatly stored away in easy to pull out storage baskets for daily use then tucked back away out of site for a nice home preview from a potential buyer.

2. Clean and sanitize your home.  A filthy or un-kept home turns buyers away quickly!  Remember home buyers are looking for their “new” home.  Clean your home making everything look fresh and new including carpets, walls, light switch-plates, out of reach ceiling fans, air flow filters, showers, ovens, base-boards, etc.  If you do not have time to properly clean yourself, hire a cleaning professional for a one-time full service-cleaning, and then maintain the cleanliness daily from there. 

3. De-personalize the home.  Buyers want to see themselves in the home and not you.  Take down and put away all personal photos, awards, diplomas, etc.  This allows the buyers to concentrate on finding “their” home rather than buying “yours.”  Remember to re-patch and repaint any left behind nail holes. 

4. Don’t think too little of curb appeal.  Many sellers put their efforts and attention on the inside of the home while leaving in neglect the exterior.  This is a costly mistake.  Make sure the yards, hedges, and beds are manicured at all times.  Try to plant and cultivate inexpensive seasonal flowers for splashes of color.  Keep the entrance walkways clear of all overgrowth and pressure wash home and driveways if needed.  Your home, when selling, needs to have one of the best looking yards on the block. As with the cleaning, a one-time professional overhaul may be worth the expense and then maintain from there.

5. Make sure your home is inviting!  When a buyer comes to preview your home invite them in with your actions although you yourself are absent.  Leave lights and lamps turned on, play soft instrumental music in the background, bake a fresh tray of cookies and leave a note along side to take one, and have soft-scented candles burning.  These are simple ways to make your potential buyer feel right at home in what could be their new home!

6. Do not over-price your property!!  Make sure you are asking no more for your home than what its worth.  Overpricing in order to have “negotiation room” often will detour buyers all together.  Price the home right and try to offer buyer incentives when possible. 

7. Hire a professional!  Make sure your Realtor works for an experienced company with many advertising outlets.  You will want your home displayed extensively on the internet, in written publications, and in the media.  Make sure the photos of your home display well and written ads are proof-read and are interest peaking.  When interviewing your Agent request a list of all advertisements they use, and ask for a monthly evaluation of where your home has been specifically advertised along with a list of all showings and given feedback. Lastly, make sure you like your Realtor and feel you can work with them throughout the process.

Amie Bozeman, Atlanta Real Estate Pro



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