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Home For The Holidays! Preparing your Home for your stay-over Guests!
By Amie And Paul
January 28, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!  The decor is in place and your guests will soon arrive! Here is a quick check-list to make sure you are ready:


1. Stock up on your staple items: dry cereals, milk, bread, cold cuts, eggs, snack bars, peanut butter, fresh fruit, etc.  A bowl of cereal,  sandwich fixings or a fresh banana can certainly come in handy when you have a crowd to keep warm and fed throughout their holiday visit.


2. Buy extra paper products.  No one wants to spend the holidays washing and putting away dishes! Gather disposable plates, cups, bowls, cutlery and paper towels and turn your cleaning time into fellowship time. Tip: Stopping by your local discount store where most of these items run around $1.00 can really help you save money on these often expensive items.  (Oh and don't forget the extra TP!!) 


3. Prepare for the little ones. If tikes and toddlers are visiting be sure to check a few safety items. Cover outlets, get a safety gate for stairways, lock up your cleaning products, put away sharp objects and medications, scan your home for small items that can be swallowed, check the tree for low hanging ornaments that can be dangerous or appear edible. Tip: When the parents arrive have them scan your home for possible dangers that you may have missed. 


4. Don't forget about the four-legged visitors.  Many pet owners bring their pets to the family festivities. Be sure and put away food scented candles and potpourri, real chocolates, nuts and other items that may be appealing but harmful to you're furry guests. Low hanging ornaments can also be dangerous if the pets are overly curious.  


5.  Plan your menus and shop prior to your guests arrival.  Last minute meal preparations when the guests have already arrived can be stressful amd time-consuming.  Account for everything you are going to cook, make a list of ingredients for each item and get your shopping done before your guests arrive.  Alert:  Check with your guests for food allergies before creating your menu and shopping list.


6.  Prepare some foods ahead of time.  This can be a real time saver when entertaining and preparing large meals.  Casseroles and soups often freeze well, these items can be easily heated for a quick meal or side dish. Additionally some ingredients for your recipes can be cooked ahead of time. For instance the sweet potatoes for your yams or pies can be baked, pealed and refrigerated for several days before the final product is created saving time. 


7.  Clean the bed linens, leave fresh towels and stock the guest baths with new toiletry items such as toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo and a box of tissue. These simple accommodations will go a long ways in making your guests feel right at home! 


8.  Don't leave anyone out!! Make your guest list and check it twice! When doing gift or ornament exchanges, stockings or even little cookie pouches be sure to have enough for everyone. Suggestion: buy or make one or two extras of everything just in case.  When entertaining its best to have too many gifts than not enough.

Enjoy these simple, helpful and useful tips when preparing your home for your visiting guests during the Holiday season or any other time that you are expecting House Guests!! 

Wishing everyone Seasons Greetings from my family to yours! Merry Christmas! 





Written by:

Amie Bozeman, Atlanta Real Estate Pro


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