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Tell Everyone That You Love Your Realtor!

That's right!  If your Realtor worked hard for you and your Real Estate transaction was a great success, tell your friends and family that you love your Realtor!!  Realtors are commission based sales persons and to be honest with you one of our #1 resources in keeping our businesses going is the word of mouth testimonials that you share about us! 

I am so grateful that much my Real Estate business success has been based from the referrals of others.  Having said that, I still hear of the stories about family members and friends of my past clients that bought through another agent.  When I say "so awesome, but why didn't you tell them about me," I often receive a 'deer in the headlight' look followed by "I am so sorry, I just didn't think about it."   

If your Realtor did a great job for you please tell your family and friends.  And when your inner circle mentions to you that they are thinking about buying or selling a home, let them know that you have a great Realtor that will take good care of them in their home-buying or home-selling process.  Then say "I am going to send your name and number to my Realtor and they will contact you, is that okay?" Likely they will say yes, you send over the information and your family and friends will receive the same customer service that you received.  To boot, your Realtor has just received the best gift you could have ever given to them: your referral. 

Thinking of buying or selling in the Greater Atlanta area, I would appreciate the opportunity to work for you!

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2012, with it's positive upswing, looks to be the turning point that we in the Real Estate industry were all waiting for. According to the Real Estate trending reports continuing to flood our industry, the momentum IS expected to continue in 2013.  What does this mean for you?

As an Atlanta Buyer you can expect to see:

1.  Prices increasing. Prices have been "rock-bottom" low for several years now but as the market begins to recoup home prices will increase to a more stable and accurate value.

2.  Interest Rates will increase.  In an effort to recover this hard-hit housing market, rates have been lower than they have ever been in history.  However as sales improve, rates are expected to see a slow increase over the next year.

3.  Inventory will be tighter.  With the increase in sales due to buyers suddenly becoming afraid the deals will soon be gone, inventory will become a more scarce. 

4.  Multiple-offer competing.  As a result of low inventory, buyers can expect to "compete" with other buyers, often finding themselves in multiple offer situations with other buyers. Consult your Realtor representing you on what will be a good offer, you may only get one shot.

As an Atlanta Seller you can expect to see:

1.  Prices Increasing!  Good news for you, while your value still may not be exactly where you would like to see it, you will see the gap begin to close.  Some sellers will finally be back in the GREEN this year.  Contact a Realtor to get an updated CMA to know your current market value.

2.  Inventory is low, so if you have the old favorite "location, location, location,"  you will need to begin packing the minute the sign goes up in the yard.  Homes are not lasing long in this fast paced market.  

3.  Multiple offers.  Location and pricing can cause you to have to "choose" a buyer.  Each offer will be different and have it's array of pros and cons, so you will have to decide offer by offer what is the best decision for you.

Here's to a positive 2013 Real Estate Market in Atlanta!!  I couldn't be more excited to see the improvements!  Atlanta Buyers and Sellers if you need Real Estate advice or help this year I would love the opportunity to work with you!


Written by:

Amie Bozeman, Atlanta Real Estate Pro



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Whats going on? Atlanta Market Trends:

Atlanta and all of its surrounding areas are vast and different, therefore sales literally vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.  We must keep this in mind as we think about the overall housing market recovery.  While some areas will recover very quickly, it may take a little longer for others to recoup.  

As we all know, in the most recent years the Atlanta housing market has been flooded with foreclosed and short sale properties.  This unfortunate event of circumstances dropped home values dramatically and forced the traditional seller out of the market place.  As a result of these happenings Atlanta found itself in one of the nation's most unstable housing market environments.  But things appear to be turning around. Based on the most recent market data, a new trend is on the rise and it's good news for the Atlanta Housing Market!  Many Atlanta Regions are experiencing a housing shortage, and this shortage is forcing buyers to "compete" for the limited amount of available homes.  As a natural result of "supply and demand" this shortage coupled with healthy competition is causing home prices to rise and rise quickly!  On average, home prices are up in general at around 5% for the US's southeast region.  This is great because when home prices rise, the "traditional" seller can and will re-enter the market place resulting in a more stable housing market.  As I have been saying, sellers just hold tight a little longer, your time is coming back around!

Buyers of course may not see this news so positively, however the good news for buyers is that there will be more choices and often better choices available to the market.  Often foreclosures and short sales are not in the best condition and are in need of renovation or repairs. Traditional sales are more likely to be in well-maintained conditions.  The other perk of course is new construction.  Home building came to a halt when the market failed, as a result buyers couldn't buy new homes.  Contractors will build again when the market allows for a profit.  And besides buyers, in recent years you have had every opportunity available to scoop up a great deal, now its time to return to more stable times. After all, the housing market recovery will be one of the main economy stabilizers to the US therefore making things better for all of us!

Amie Bozeman, Atlanta Real Estate Pro
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One of Georgias Hot Spots: Buford, GA

You can find the city of Buford nestled just to the Northeast side of Atlanta with a driving distance of only about 30 minutes to Mid-town.  With its many activities and easy access to the big city of Atlanta, Buford has become one of Georgia’s most popular locations to live.  In 2012, according to Sterling’s Best Places, Buford has seen population growth at a rate of 23.14% since 2000 with the national average being only 8.07%.

Boasting of:
•    Affordable Housing Prices
•    Household medium incomes averaging from $75-100k
•    Top level GA public schools
•    Home to some of the best shopping in the region including the largest mall in the state; The Mall of GA
•    Having a vast variety of eateries from the finest to the most casual
•    Great theatre and entertainment
•    Many annual festivals
•    Easy access to the GA mountainous regions, nearby Lake Lanier and Coolray Field; home of the Gwinnett Braves

It’s not hard to see the many reasons for this city winning the popularity contest for many of Atlanta’s working commuters.

If you are taking on a new Atlanta career and need a close and convenient place to live or if looking for a great place to raise your family, consider Buford, GA.  As a local Realtor in Buford, I will be happy to introduce you to the area.  Send me an email or give me a call.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Written by

Amie Bozeman, Atlanta Real Estate Pro



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