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2012, with it's positive upswing, looks to be the turning point that we in the Real Estate industry were all waiting for. According to the Real Estate trending reports continuing to flood our industry, the momentum IS expected to continue in 2013.  What does this mean for you?

As an Atlanta Buyer you can expect to see:

1.  Prices increasing. Prices have been "rock-bottom" low for several years now but as the market begins to recoup home prices will increase to a more stable and ...

Whats going on? Atlanta Market Trends:

Atlanta and all of its surrounding areas are vast and different, therefore sales literally vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.  We must keep this in mind as we think about the overall housing market recovery.  While some areas will recover very quickly, it may take a little longer for others to recoup.  

As we all know, in the most recent years the Atlanta housing market has been flooded with foreclosed and short sale properties.  This unfortunate event of circumstances dropped home values dramatically and forced the traditional seller out of the market place.  ...

One of Georgias Hot Spots: Buford, GA

You can find the city of Buford nestled just to the Northeast side of Atlanta with a driving distance of only about 30 minutes to Mid-town.  With its many activities and easy access to the big city of Atlanta, Buford has become one of Georgia’s most popular locations to live.  In 2012, according to Sterling’s Best Places, Buford has seen population growth at a rate of 23.14% since 2000 with the national average being only 8.07%.

Boasting of:
•    Affordable Housing Prices
•    Household medium incomes ...